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Why Move to Rochester?

Move to rochester ny

Moving to Rochester NY is a great decision. With all of the great career opportunities, local events, and restaurants Rochester has, it truly is a place made for living. If you’re thinking about moving to Rochester, consider some of the following.

First of all, the city has over 12,000 acres in its park systems. That means you have an almost unlimited choice during the Spring, Fall, and Summer to go for walks, runs, or hikes. Many of them are also pet friendly, meaning you can have a great game of catch with your furry friend.

Secondly, there are plenty of career opportunities to be found after moving to Rochester. The top five employers are the University of Rochester/Strong Health, Wegmans Food Markets, Eastman Kodak Company, Xerox, and ViaHealth. Each of them respectively employ 17,075, 14,897, 14,100, 8,450, and 6,565.

Thirdly, Rochester is home to one of the greatest hospital in the nation: Strong Memorial Hospital. It’s widely and consistently recognized in the news as one of the best hospitals, and is well known for its cardiac care. In fact, Strong Hospital actually operates the only heart transplant program in Western New York, and it’s nationally recognized for neurosurgery, urology, gynecology, cancer and pediatric specialties!

Fourth, according to the best selling book,The Rise of the Creative Class: and how it’s transforming work, leisure, community and every day life by Richard Florida, Rochester is ranked the fourth best in innovation, and is ranked 25th overall in creativity.

Last, but far from least, moving to Rochester means you get to enjoy its many cultural hotspots. It has its own philharmonic orchestra, an art gallery featuring the works of many famous painters, and tons of theaters and cinemas. In fact, the Little Theater is one of the most widely known “art house” theaters in the country!

So, why not move to Rochester NY and experience these and more benefits? If you have any questions about moving to Rochester, feel free to ask in the comments. Visit here for more information.

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