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Published on November 13th, 2013 | by admin

Why Mailers Still Matter in the Digital Age

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It can be easy to think that tweets, emails, and other social media have killed direct mail marketing companies, but not so. Although a public perception that the services of direct mail marketing companies are outdated means of reaching companies, studies show that they’re still very relevant, even in the age of the Internet. In fact, direct mailing companies still have an edge in the marketing world for both large and small businesses.

Direct mail marketing companies deliver customized postcards, whether they be business postcards, real estate postcards, or whatever your industry be, to customers. These are tangible, which gives them this marketing edge. Even if leads pass them to the recycling bin, they must first pass through the recipient’s hands, which exposes them to the message and creates awareness of the company’s brand.

Even if recipients choose not to keep them, the company still gets the chance to make a visual impression, unlike other forms of marketing. Think about it: emails may get blocked by spam filters or otherwise deleted before they’re even opened; tweets may be lost amongst the myriad of other messages on a newsfeed; billboards may be missed by drivers absorbed on getting to their destinations; and TV and radio ads are sadly often transient, even forgettable.

Many choose to hire direct mail marketing companies during peak seasons of business, because ideas are easier to come upon. However, choosing to work with direct mail marketing companies during off months, like in the summer, affords a unique opportunity to draw from untapped potential. This is frankly because there will be little other competition in recipients’ mailboxes, which makes your postcard stand out even more!

Companies would be unwise to disregard the capabilities of direct mail marketing companies, who consistently provide high ROIs. If you have any questions about direct mail marketing companies, feel free to ask in the comments. Helpful research also found here.

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