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Published on May 13th, 2019 | by admin

The Advantage of Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables are being used more and more frequently with high speed internet providers and telecommunication services. These cables are slowly being installed across the country and provide fiber optic internet as they go. There are a number of advantages related to fiber optic cable installation and this article is going to look at what some of those advantages are.

  • Greater Bandwidth: One of the biggest advantages attached to fiber optic cable installation is that people in contact with fiber optic internet have access to a much greater bandwidth. Having a greater bandwidth means that much more information can be sent through fiber optics than through traditional metal cables. In a world where the amounts of information being transmitted are growing larger and larger, this makes fiber optic cable incredibly useful.
  • Smaller size: Another advantage of fiber optic cables is that they are much smaller than traditional metal cables. The advantage here is that because fiber optic cables are smaller, they can be installed in areas where traditional cables cannot go. This is a big advantage because these new cables take up less space. By extension, another related advantage is that fiber optic cables weigh less because they are smaller.
  • Almost Impossible to Tap: One major advantage of fiber optic cables is that they are almost impossible to tap or interfere with. Unlike metal cables, which give off electromagnetic signals that make it possible to hook in to the information being transmitted, fiber optic cables, which are made of tiny glass fibers, do no such thing and can’t really be tapped. This means that the information being transmitted through fiber optic cables is incredibly safe compared to other means of sending information over the Internet.
  • Fiber Optics Cost Less: Due to the materials they are made of, fiber optic cables are much cheaper to make. This is because, while traditional metal cables are made of copper, a very expensive metal, fiber optic cables, as stated before, are made of glass fibers. Glass is a much cheaper material than copper, which means a much lower cost of production.

In conclusion there are a number of advantages that go along with fiber optic cable installation. These include greater bandwidth, smaller size and less weight, greater security against tapping, and a lesser cost. Fiber optic cables are the future of high speed internet because of these advantages and more.

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