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Published on May 13th, 2019 | by admin

How To Install Security Cameras in the Home

A homeowner will have many concerns to juggle in terms of their property, from paying their mortgage bills to their utilities’ bills and repair and more. All of these are mundane and typical matters of upkeep, but there’s another, more grave concern: burglary. There are those out there who force their way into others’ houses to steal items of value, and burglary is a widespread concern. Across the United States, many houses are broken into, and unfortunate homeowners may come home to find open doors, broken windows, and most of all, missing possessions. This is a scenario to avoid at any expense, so home security measures of all sorts may be taken. This includes, among other things, home security cameras with access control systems in a secure location and even structured cabling to keep those cameras powered. A proper system of home security cameras can do a lot to deter criminals, and even if they break in anyway, home security cameras may help the homeowner and police identify and apprehend them later.

Camera Defenses

Home security takes a number of forms, and this may certainly include dedicated systems such as home security cameras. Many studies have shown that burglars are much more reluctant to break into a house or a commercial site when dedicated cameras and alarms are spotted. Ex-burglars are often interviewed to learn more about how they operate, and many of them say that the presence of cameras or alarms will prompt them to abort a burglary attempt, even an improvised one. The mere presence of home security cameras and alarms may sometimes be alone to deter crime. And if burglars break in anyway, such cameras will reveal what they did and where they went, at what time of day they arrived, and possibly what they look like. Police can make good use of these recordings to identify and apprehend the culprits later.

A homeowner who wants to install these cameras may find them at specialized hardware stores or online catalogs, and then install them properly. There should be plenty of cameras, and more is better. For the most part, the cameras will focus on the doors and windows, including the garage door, all of which are typical entry points for burglary. These cameras are typically mounted on the eaves and other locations that offer a good view, and they may even be battery-operated to minimize the number of cables that they need for operation. Homeowners should be diligent about replacing those batteries, so the cameras have no “down time” that leaves the house more vulnerable. Meanwhile, cables will be threaded from the cameras and to a computer that receives their footage, and such footage can be viewed live and viewed later as a recording, too. Homeowners with such home security cameras may put a sign on their front yard warning intruders that they have alarms and cameras in place. Many would agree that it’s preferable to prevent crime rather than deal with it later.

Other Security Measures

Security cameras can go a long way toward preventing crime or at least identifying the culprits, and concerned homeowners may take extra steps. They may install a wooden fence, for example, and such fences are difficult to climb and also block outsiders’ view of the property. Such fences are more expensive to have installed than chain link ones, but offer enhanced security for both the front and back yards. A homeowner may contact a local fence installation contractor team and have such a fence put in place. These fences may also have gates in them, complete with locks. Care should be taken so that the side with support beams faces inwards and not outwards, since such wooden beams make for fine handholds and footholds for climbing.

On the house itself, homeowners are also encouraged to have old and ill-fitting windows and doors replaced. Old windows and doors are fragile and warped, and this may make them easy to force open with simple tools or even a burglar’s bare hand and feet. Window and door replacement contractors may be hired to remove those old windows and doors and put in new ones that are tough, fit well, and overall much more difficult for intruders to force their way through.

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