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Published on September 15th, 2019 | by admin

How Many Times Have You Had to Visit an Emergency Room This Year

Another weekend, another trip to the Emergency Room. Just when you think that your weekend could not get any busier, you end up having to take your 22 year old daughter into the ER. An innocent lunch out after watching her cousin’s youngest son pay t-ball turned into another five hour long visit to the hospital.

Who knew that there would ever be peanut butter in an enchilada sauce?
Your daughter is always so careful about her nut allergy, but on this one occasion no one thought to consider that the menu items in this particular restaurant would be anything to worry about. Although this is not your daughter’s favorite restaurant, she wanted to make sure she took time away from what otherwise would have been an entire weekend full of studying. Spending time with her aunt, uncle, and cousin’s family is important to her so she was certain that an extra hour away from the books would do not harm.

Shortly after arriving at home, however, and seeing herself in the mirror she knew that something was not right. She came downstairs and asked where the Benadryl was, took two pills, and hoped that the red face and itchy eyes would go away. A mere 10 minutes later, however, she realized that this was serious enough that she needed to go in. A call to the restaurant on the drive to the hospital confirmed that there had been a peanut exposure and your daughter’s symptoms were worsening by the minute. Fortunately, the ER team recognized her symptoms and rushed her back to one of the rooms. Pumping fluids, administering the proper medicines, and monitoring her breathing, the team avoided what could have been a pretty significant problem. The three hour mandatory stay after the medicine, however, was inconvenient and while your daughter sleet you were able to observe all kinds of excitement. A confirmed heroin overdose, a car accident injury, and a young child’s concussion kept the entire place busy. Your daughter, once she was diagnosed and the team had administered care, only needed the monitoring.

The heroin overdose, on the other hand, turned into quite the event for the entire department. At one point, in fact, the patient became violent and a security team was called into the unit.

Drug Abuse and Drug Overdose Continues to be a Significant Problem for Many Individuals
At the end of the afternoon, you left for home knowing that your daughter would be even more careful when she was out to eat an unfamiliar spot. It was clear, however, that the heroin overdose patient and family would not be so lucky. It was impossible to not overhear some of the conversations about heroin effects and heroin withdrawal, and you know that you have seen plenty of news stories lately about the heroin overdoses in the country that are tied to the opioid epidemic.

Life is full of challenges, and while a peanut allergy can be very severe, there are many other situations that are equally difficult to deal with. From Vicodin withdrawal to an opioid use disorder, there are families who are too often in a hospital emergency room. No parent wants to watch their child suffer, but when it comes to a known allergy to a food a parent can at least feel as if there is a way to avoid the problem in the future. With a drug addiction, however, there are many times when parents feel at a complete loss for where the problem began and what can be done to stop it. Finding these answers can take months of expensive rehab and the likelihood of failure is great.
As doctors continue to use medications to help their patients, there remains a fear among some patients that they cannot use some medications because they are too addictive. The fact of the matter is, however, there are many more times when the prescriptions that you are given will do far more good than harm. Knowing that if you follow the doctor’s advice on how to start a finish a prescription you should be able to feel confident that you will get the medical help that you need without facing problems.

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