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Charities Aid Foundation South East Asia

The Charities Aid Foundation South East Asia (CAF SEA) seeks to promote and facilitate thoughtful giving and philanthropic efforts to help charities become as successful as possible. CAF SEA was recognized in 2007 as a not-for-profit organization. Registered in Singapore in South East Asia, CAF SEA is a part of the Charities Aid Foundation Global Alliance, which as a whole aims to help charities become more successful.

In the last four years, CAF SEA has been about to help donors make the most of $6 million dollars worth of donations across South East Asia, China, and India.

Who They Help

The effect that a partnership with CAF SEA has is two-fold. CAF SEA directly helps donors to make the most thoughtful and effective choices regarding the contribution of charitable donations. This, by extension, helps those charities and the people and communities that those charities benefit.

Though the CAF Global Alliance is an international not-for-profit organization that seeks to help charities and those who they benefit worldwide, the CAF SEA branch focuses on helping charities in South East Asia.

What They Do

The Mission of CAF SEA is to help donors give more thoughtfully and to transform the lives of people and the communities throughout South East Asia by making sure that charitable donations are used in a way that has a maximum impact.

CAF SEA achieves this by offering careful guidance to donors. The organization works to help donors understand different types of giving and which will help them achieve the impact they’re looking to make. Additionally, CAF SEA helps donors find legitimate charities whose causes align with their philanthropic aims and advises on how to make their charitable donations most effective.

Since CAF SEA offers advisement and guidance in finding the right charitable organization and how to most effectively donate, CAF SEA often helps people who are new to philanthropy and don’t know where to begin, people who have considerable resources, and people who are generally interested in making the biggest difference they can in the world.

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