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Big Brother Mouse

Big Brother Mouse is a Lao not-for-profit organization that seeks to promote literacy in Laos through a few different endeavors. The organization is Lao-owned and the paid staff is all Lao as well. Big Brother Mouse focuses on publishing books for all ages and making reading fun in Laos and hopes to become a completely self-sufficient publishing house.

Who They Help

Big Brother Mouse seeks to serve Lao people of all ages. This begins with the staff, who are all Lao. Some of the books that the organization publishes — like cookbooks —  are intended for Lao adults. Big Brother Mouse, though, largely focuses on publishing books in both Lao and English and making them available to Lao schools and children.

When Big Brother Mouse began publishing books in 2006, they offered them to schools for free but have since instituted a fee to cover the majority of the costs of providing a reading program. Since their largest audience is children, the organization mostly publishes fun books targeted toward younger readers.

What They Do

Aside from publishing books in both Lao and in English, Big Brother Mouse also supports and provides reading programs in schools. Since many Lao teachers have little to no experience teaching from books, the organization trains teachers to use them and helps them learn the skills and techniques they need to teach effectively using textbooks.

The organization visits different schools in Laos and helps set into place a daily reading program and ensures that classrooms have a sufficient number of books. Additionally, the organization holds book parties, which are fun and interactive events to encourage kids to get excited about books and reading.

Big Brother Mouse is particularly significant because there are actually little to no books in Laos at all — aside from the books that the organization publishes. Many Lao people have never seen or read a book, but through publishing, educational programming, and community outreach through book swaps, art contests, and Lao fonts and keyboards, Big Brother Mouse is working to change that.

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